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Depth to Growth, PLLC

Hillsborough, NC Therapist

Chapel Hill, NC Therapist

Together, we will explore your depths and work through the conflicts that have led to your current difficulties. Let's pave the way for you to have new possibilities and a different perspective.

Hillsborough, nc therapist and Chapel Hill, NC therapist
Hillsborough, nc therapist and Chapel Hill, NC therapist
Welcome to My Practice


I am psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapist that works with individuals experiencing disruptions in their overall sense of self.  Speaking generally, I work with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, mood swings, impulsivity, obsessions, psychosomatic problems, and/or relationship difficulties.  On this webite, I have offered some very basic information about my practice that may help you gauge your desire in pursuing my services further. As there are limitations as to what can be communicated without meeting personally, I encourage you to give me a call, but in the meantime, please explore my site freely. Thanks, Jacob.   

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