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Initial Session - $160.00

Individual Recurring Sessions - $120.00

I'm an in-network participating BCBS provider with the following plans: PPO, Indemnity, Blue Care HMO, and the NC State Health Plan.  I will submit claims on your behalf.  

Out-of-network insurance - I can provide you a record of our sessions for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Your insurance company will reimburse you based upon the specifics of your plan. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, credit card, or money order.

Working psychodynamically, we will explore current challenges related to difficulties that occurred earlier in life, possibly outside of your awareness and contributing to your current issues in relationships, sense of self, and ability to deal with life stressors. 


Working together, we will identify your patterns of relating to others and the ways that you cope with the challenges of life, whether adaptive or maladaptive.  In exploring these patterns, we will work to gain insight into their beginnings, and how to alter those patterns which cause you distress. 


In psychodynamic psychotherapy we will focus upon our relationship (the therapist and the patient) and how it relates to your relationships over your lifespan.  We will also focus upon your free thoughts or associations (no matter how seemingly unimportant) and what they tell us about what might be outside of your immediate awareness.  Lastly, we will address your dreams and the meanings you associate to them, which may further inform us of your underlying desires and conflicts.  Although psychodynamic work is difficult and can elicit resistance from the patient due to the discomfort that it can cause, re-experiencing troubling psychological conflicts in a safe, nurturing space can bring relief and a new perspective. 

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