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About Me





Personality complications


Relationship challenges

Family problems

Feelings of being stuck


Identity disturbances

I have over 15 years of experience providing mental health care.  I have worked in various directorial positions for two mental health agencies and as an outpatient therapist.  


I have a history of working with adults, seniors, and adolescents experiencing a variety of mental health concerns.  My private practice focuses upon psychotherapy for adults and seniors.  I have worked with individuals of various ethnicities, religious affiliations, gender identities, races, and sexual orientations.  Although I am an eclectic counselor that strives to meet the unique needs of all my patients by drawing upon multiple therapeutic models, psychodynamic approaches resonate with me the most personally and professionally.

I work collaboratively with my patients to identify the psychological conflicts that have contributed to their current symptoms.  By exploring these conflicts and reworking them through the therapeutic relationship, I strive to improve your mental health and unique identity.  



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